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Ever wish you could massage your back without twisting bending or reaching? Well, now you can with the AccuReach precision massager from WaterpikŪ With its unique design, the WaterpikŪ Precision Massager lets you reach all those places you couldn't reach before. Now you can finally give yourself an ultimate, effective, therapeutic massage. Its arc massage attachment and 360° handle rotation provide easy access to hard-to-reach muscles of the back, shoulders and thighs so you don't have to twist and turn your body which can sometimes lead to other aches and pains. Pinpoint the areas that need the most attention with the penetrating vibration - it gives you professional, spa-like results without ever having to leave your home. The massager is lightweight, not cumbersome, and features a handle that's soft to the touch. Interchangeable tips on both ends allow for a varied massage experience. Easy to assemble and ready to plug in (with no batteries required), the massager can be used while clothed or after toweling off after your shower or bath. Relieve your everyday stress and strain with the AccuReach from WaterpikŪ! Features: Unique ergonomic design for pinpoint hard-to-reach muscle areas Effective relief to your neck, back, shoulders and thighs Spa like massage relieves tight sore muscles Deep penetrating vibration to soothe away everyday stress and strain Over 3-1/2 ft in total length for those hard to reach places Light weight and comfortable to use. Extra-long power cord Power Source: AC 120V (60Hz) (no batteries required) PP2003